The GENECHECKER UF-150 Ultra-Fast Real Time PCR System features a patented chip design that provides extremely rapid output – Quantitative results in 12 minutes! GENECHECKER™ has adopted a special polymer to create a new chip called Rapi:chip™ (see accessories to purchase separately) which enables much faster thermal transfer to the samples when compared to conventional PCR tubes or plates. The thermal cycling mechanism of GENECHECKER™ achieves 8°C/sec ramping rate for both heating and cooling.

The Integrated camera module of GENECHECKER™ fully monitors and records the fluorescence signal of each sample and the recorded fluorescence values are processed and displayed by GENERECORDER software. Using this unique data analysis method, GENECHECKER™ provides very precise results of reactions compared to conventional real-time PCR instruments in the market which are collecting fluorescence data through an optical scanning method. The user interface of GENERECORDER was designed to help general real-time PCR instrument users operate this innovative instrument very easily. GENERECORDER provides amplification curves, melting curves and melting peaks for easy analysis.

Rapi:chip™ was developed from the understanding of the challenges in routine PCR. We found the protocols duration could be dramatically reduced when efficient heat transfer is made during the thermal cycling process. By designing a unique 3-dimensional polymer chip where the bottom surface is made of a thin film and precisely bonded with a polymer body, ultra-fast thermal cycling became possible.

The QPCR version of Rapi:chip has 10 wells and the top of each well is open for real-time fluorescence measurement.

GENECHECKER UF-150 comes with GENERECORDER software and is easily installed. No user’s calibration is needed to run the instrument.

Key Features

  • UF–150 GENECHECKER Ultra-Fast Real Time PCR System
  • Patented Chip design provides extremely rapid output—30 cycles in 12 minutes
  • Real-Time detection through dedicated GENERECORDER Software
  • Innovative and compact Design
  • Intuitive control with LED indicated Jog-Dial LCD Display
  • Conventional and Reverse Transcriptase (RT) PCR with a Single Device
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