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Gastight Syringes 1700 Series

These Hamilton Gastight Syringes 1700 Series are specifically designed for gas and liquid chromatography applications. The barrel and plunger assemblies are interchangeable with other syringes of the same size and model.

They come with cemented or removable needles. They also have PTFE resin-tipped plungers, along with replaceable syringe barrels, plungers and plunger tips.

The Different Point Styles of Hamilton Needles:
Point Style 2: Beveled non-coring needle point recommended for septum penetration
Point Style 3: Blunt needle point for use with HPLC injection valves and for sample pipetting.

Key Features

  • Cemented or removable needles
  • Resin-tipped plungers
  • Replaceable syringe barrels

Item Volume Needle Gauge Needle Type Point Style Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
100µL 22 Removable 3 #2 Each
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10µL 26 Fixed 2 #2 Each
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