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G-Tube High-Speed Microcentrifuge Tubes

The G-Tube High-Speed Microcentrifuge Tubes is an extremely sturdy and tough microcentrifuge tube that is virtually transparent, made of a clear, specially produced polypropylene. The 0.6mL, 1.5mL, and 2.0mL sized G-Tubes™ are both chemically resistant and rigid, with a flat top cap that is easy to open and yet secured with a tight seal.

The G-Tube™ polypropylene is built for high collision usage and can withstand over 30,000 x g when spun. Thicker walls make this tube capable of withstanding temperature ranges of -80°C (-112°F) to 121 °C (250°F). The tubes are also constructed to handle extreme stress, high spinning speeds, autoclaving, boiling, chemical resistance and freezing.

The G-Tube™ also has a secure cap that that makes an audible snapping noise when a secure closure has been formed. This extra-tight seal will not come open during processing. Bio Plas, Inc. is a company that produces a variety of laboratory disposables including patented pipet tips, safety caps and inoculations systems to go along with these impressive, tough The G-Tube™ microcentrifuge tubes.

Key Features

  • Needle access through the target in the exact center of the microcentrifuge tube
  • Sturdy, specially formulated polypropylene tubes
  • High temperature resistance up to 121°C
  • High speed capability of up to 30,000 x g


Specifications for G-Tube High-Speed Microcentrifuge Tubes

4030 4040 4050
Speed 30,000 x g 30,000 x g 30,000 x g
Tube Volume 1.5 mL 0.6 mL 2.0 mL
Graduation 0. to 1.5 mL n/a 0.1 to 2.0 ml
Color Natural Natural Natural

Item Product Description Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
High speed microtube 2.0 mL Pack of 500
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High speed microtube 1.5 mL Pack of 500
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High speed microtube 0.6 mL Pack of 500
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