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FlexiPump & FlexiPump Pro

The FlexiPump and FlexiPump Pro are a range of peristaltic pumps designed for culture media preparation. They are ideal for serial dispensing of culture media (9 mL in test tube),agar (18 mL in petri dish), or any liquid diluent (90 mL or 220 mL in abottle or blender bag) and dispenses liquid from 50µL to 99L using 3 dispensing modes: Continuous, Dose (predetermined volume) or Multi-Dose (predetermined value with an adjustable pause between each does). Additionally, there are 32 editable programs available.

They are compact at only 16 cm wide and made with a heavy-duty polycarbonate top shell and durable stainless steel with a powerful stepping motor and high quality Waston Marlow™ pump heads. The dispensing assembly is entirely autoclavable with bottle and in compliance with ISO6887-1 and ISO7218 standards. Calibration is simple with step-by-step instructions on the screen which can be done quickly by anyone in the lab.

Choose from the FlexiPump with the essential functions or Flexipump Pro featuring double pump head for high-performance dispensing (see specifications table for additional information.

Key Features

  • Up to 1% precision
  • Dispenses liquid from 50µL to 99L using 3 dispensing modes
  • 2 models available
  • Rotating button for easy navigation
  • Improved dispensing control with handy gun and adjustable arm
  • Calibration possible with chosen volume

Specifications for Flexipump & FlexiPump Pro  
  Flexipump FlexiPump Pro
Dose volume 50 μL to 99 L
Dispensing modes Continuous - Dose - Multi-dose
Multi-dose pause Adjustable from 0.1 to 99.9 s
Pump Type Single Head Low Pulsation Double Head
Precision with 3.2 mm ID Tube 9 mL: 1.8 % - 18 mL: 1 % - 225 mL: 0.5 % 9 mL: 0.9 % - 18 mL: 0.5 % - 225 mL: 0.4 %
Delivered with (tubing inner diameter) 3.2 mm dispensing assemblies 3.2 mm and 6.4 mm dispensing assemblies
Flow rates 1.5 mL/min. to 1.25 L/min. 3 mL/min. to 2.5 L/min.
Traceability - USB, RS 232 connectors
Data export - ExcelTM, LIMS
Rotation per minute 10 to 550 rpm
Tubing inner diameter From 1 to 8 mm only
Tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm only
Tubings made from TygonTM for pump head and VersilicTM
W x D x H
16 x 28 x 21 cm 16 x 34 x 21 cm
Weight 5.5 kg 5.8 kg
Power 100-240 V 50-60 Hz

Item Flow Rate Model Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1.5 mL/min. to 1.25 L/min. FlexiPump Each
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3 mL/min. to 2.5 L/min. FlexiPump Pro Each
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