Fixed Volume Mini Pipettes

These Fixed Volume Mini Pipettes allow super blow-out from the tip (last drop dispensing) to provide excellent accuracy and precision. As a result, United Scientific Supplies Fixed Volume Mini Pipettes can be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.

These mini-pipets feature a length of 125mm to optimize user comfort during operation. Pipets are manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified facility, and calibration certificates for specific batches are available upon request. Pipets are fully autoclavable at 121°C and 15psi.

Key Features

  • Tip cone accepts both regular 200µL tips and ultra micro 20µL tips
  • Plungers are color coded by volume for easy identification in the lab
  • Each pipette is individually calibrated per DIN 12650 standards

Item Volume Accuracy Unit of Measure Price Purchase
5µL 1.50% Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
10µL 1.00% Each
1 In Stock 1 In Stock

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