Falcon® Primaria Cell Culture Flasks

Falcon® Primaria Cell Culture Flasks feature a unique vacuum-gas plasma tissue culture treatment for enhanced cell attachment and growth. Pull strip enables easy opening of cases - no knife required. Medical-style, peel-open packaging has a reseal ab for convenient closure and storage of unused flasks. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. 

Falcon Canted Neck Flasks have a full skirt for horizontal stability; a neck design that allows access to the entire growth surface and a splash barrier, which offers protection against contamination by mitigating the splashing of media into the neck.

Key Features

  • Unique nitrogen-containing tissue culture surface chemistry
  • Improves attachment, spreading, and growth for many primary cells or cell lines
  • Crystal-grade polystyrene modified by proprietary vacuum gas plasma treatment process
  • Stable, permanent surface modification
  • Optically clear
  • No special storage required
  • Samples from each lot of Corning Primaria products are analyzed by Electron Scanning for Chemical Analysis (ESCA)
  • Packaged in red color-coded, peel-open, medical-style packages
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Nonpyrogenic tested to less than 0.1 EU/ mL

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to mitigate the presence of microorganisms on surfaces or in the environment, where such organisms can be deleterious to humans or the environment.

Item Cap Style Growth Area- cm² Neck Type Total Volume Working Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Plug Seal 75 Straight 250 mL 20 to 30 mL Case of 100
In Stock
Vent 75 Straight 250 mL 20 to 30 mL Case of 100
In Stock
Plug Seal 25 Canted 50 mL 8 to 9 mL Case of 100
In Stock
Vent 25 Canted 50 mL 8 to 9 mL Case of 100
In Stock

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