Falcon Cell Strainers

Falcon® Cell Strainers are a rapid, easy-to-use way to isolate primary cells and obtain single cell suspensions. Protect valuable flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation by reliably removing clumps and debris from cell suspensions and clinical samples prior to analysis.

The molded, color-coded polypropylene frame includes a tab for easy and aseptic handling with forceps. Gamma-radiation sterilized; individually packaged.

Key Features

  • Faster and easier than gauge filtration for obtaining uniform single-cell suspensions
  • Fit into 50-mL conical tubes for separating disassociated cells from primary tissues or cell clumps
  • Pores are evenly spaced for consistent results

Item Pore Size Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
100µm Yellow Case of 50
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70µm White Case of 50
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40µm Blue Case of 50
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