Extended-Time Cryogenic Refrigerators

Cryosafe Extended-Time Cryogenic Refrigerators are ideal for storing low volumes. Low volume is defined as when the straw/vial capacity is expected to remain low. Advanced insulation gives Extended-Time Cryogenic Refrigerators long holding times at low evaporation rates. Samples can be stored for up to 224 days.

Storage temperatures can be as low as -196°C. Sample vials are available in 1.2, 2, or 5 mL sizes. Canes hold them. They are stored in canisters. These canisters are suspended from the neck of the refrigeration vessel.

Each of the refrigerators comes with an LN2 level monitor. The number of working days increases with the total capacity of the refrigerator. Each is shipped with six canisters. Available capacities range from 3 L to 36 L.

Key Features

  • Designed for use when vial/straw capacity will remain low
  • Perfect for long storage at low temperatures
  • Features advanced insulation

Item 1.2/2.0 mL Vial Capacity Canister HxDia- mm LN2 Capacity- L Neck Diameter- mm No. Canisters Normal Evaporation- L/day Normal Working Time- days Unit of Measure Price Purchase
150 279 x 38 33 51 6 0.13 182 Each
In Stock
- 127 x 38 8.4 51 6 0.15 35 Each
In Stock
- 127 x 38 3 51 6 0.12 19 Each
In Stock
150 279 x 38 36 51 6 0.1 224 Each
In Stock

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