ExStik Conductivity TDS Salinity Tester

The Extech ExStik Conductivity TDS Salinity Tester measures four parameters simultaneously: Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature. An auto-ranging feature allows the meter to offer 3 ranges of measurements. The internal memory stores up to 25 labeled readings. Durable in a wet environment, the ExStik meets the IP57 standard.

Measurements are reported on an easy-to-read LCD (2000 count) display. An analog bar graph tracks sample trends. The electronic components self-calibrate on startup. Data Hold, Auto Power Off, and low battery indicators allow the user to monitor the device status.

Using an adjustable Conductivity to TDS ratio factor from 0.4 to 1.0, the ExStik calculates the TDS value. Meter verification/calibration is only required once a month during normal use. The ExStik allows for a 1, 2, or 3 point calibration.

Key Features

  • Auto-ranging meter offers 3 ranges of measurements
  • Measures include: µS/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt, mg/L, and g/L 
  • Simultaneously displays Conductivity, TDS, or Salinity plus Temperature 
  • Performs self-calibration of electronics on startup 

Specifications for Extech ExStik Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Tester
Display: 2000 count LCD with Bargraph
Conductivity Ranges: 0 to 199.9µS/cm
200 to 1999µS/cm
2.00 to 19.99mS/cm
 TDS Ranges:  0 to 99.9ppm or mg/L
Salinity Range: 0 to 99.9ppm
TDS Ratio: 0.4 to 1.0 adjustable
Salinity Ratio: 0.5 Fixed
Conductivity ATC: 2.0% per °C
Temperature Range: 0.0°C to 65.0 °C (32.0°F to 149°F)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1 up to 99.9, 1 >100
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C; 1.8°F (from 0 to 50°C; 32 to 122°F)
±3°C; 5.4°F (from 50 to 65°C; 122 to 149°F
Conductivity ATC Range: 0.0°C to 60.0 °C (32.0°F to 140 °F)
Accuracy: Conductivity: ±2% full scale
TDS: ±2% full scale
Salinity: ±2% full scale
Measurement Storage: 25 tagged (numbered) readings
Low Battery Indication: ‘BAT’ appears on the LCD
Power: Four (4) CR2032 Lithium Ion Batteries
Auto Power Off: After 10 minutes (override available)
Operating Conditions: -5°C to 50 °C (23°F to 122 °F)
Dimensions: 40 x 187 x 40 mm (1.6 x 7.4 x 1.6”)
Weight: 87 g (3.1 oz)

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