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Eppendorf VIS Cuvettes

Eppendorf VIS Cuvettes are disposable cuvettes made of clear plastic with a light transmission of 300 nm to 900 nm. The VIS cuvettes are the perfect tool for applications outside of the UV range, for example, colorimetric protein assays (Bradford, Lowry, etc.), determining of the optical density of bacterial cultures (OD600 methods), and kinetic and fluorescence measurements. The shape of the macro VIS Cuvette makes this cuvette optimal for kinetic measurements.

Based on the volume you would like to measure, you can select a semi-micro or a macro cuvette.

Key Features

  • VIS measurements from 300 to 900 nm
  • Suitable for colorimetric protein assays, OD600, and kinetic and fluorescence measurements
  • Two different cuvette sizes (semi-micro and macro) for a wide variety of volumes

Specifications for Eppendorf VIS Cuvettes
   Semi-micro Macro
Material: Poly(methyl)methacrylate
Spectral Range: 300-900 nm 300-900 nm
Volume Range: 400-3000 µL 1000-4500 µL
Light Center Height: 8.5 mm 8.5 mm
Optical pathlengths 10 mm 10 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm

Item Product Description Max. Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Macro 4500 µL Case of 1000
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Semi-micro 3000 µL Case of 1000
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