Eppendorf Twin.tec PCR Plates

Eppendorf Twin.tec PCR Plates are 20% thinner than conventional thin-walled tubes, allowing the wells to conform optimally against the thermal block and ensuring heat transfer from the block into the sample is practically uninterrupted. The wells are made of virgin polypropylene specially selected for minimal binding of DNA, RNA, and enzymes with maximum recovery, even when working with ultra-small volumes. The plate surface and the frame are made of rigid polycarbonate that provides high mechanical stability. Raised well rims provide effective sealing and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. 

Choose from two versions:

Standard PCR Plates are 96 wells and an ideal choice for the use with automation or robotics.

LoBind PCR Plates help improve recovery of nucleic acids by reducing the absorption into the tube wall. These plates provide nearly 100% recovery of DNA/RNA molecules without surface coating to eliminate the sample contamination risks. Ideal for quantitative real-time PCR.

Both versions of plates are available in semi-skirted or skirted frames. The semi-skirted frame has a 250µL max. well volume when used with cap strips (not included). The skirted frame has eight holes located in the skirt to facilitate plate positioning and removal from thermal cycler blocks. Its low-profile design is within SBS footprint recommendations. It has 150µL max. well volume when used with cap strips (not included).

Key Features

  • Two-material construction promotes optimal binding with rigid, uniform sealing
  • Certified free of human DNA, DNase/RNase and PCR inhibitors
  • A1 marked corner and alphanumeric grid
  • Exceptionally solid and torque-resistant polycarbonate frame
  • LoBind Material guarantees maximum sample recovery (LoBind PCR plates only)
  • Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes.

Item Frame Plate Type Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Shelves 384-well 40µL Forensic DNA Grade Colorless Case of 10
In Stock
Skirted 96-Well LoBind Yellow Pack of 25
In Stock
Skirted 384-Well; LoBind; PCR Clean Clear Case of 25
In Stock
Semi-Skirted 96-well 250µL Forensic DNA Grade Colorless Case of 10
In Stock
Skirted 96-Well LoBind Green Pack of 25
In Stock

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