Eppendorf Serological Pipettes

The Eppendorf Serological Pipettes are part of Eppendorf's newest system, the Easypet 3 and serological pipettes. While the are designed to work with the Easypet 3, these serological pipettes are also compatible with all existing serological pipette controllers making them a versatile addition to your laboratory. The serological pipettes off clear and precise graduations overlaid on a ultra clear pipet material for quick and easy miniscus determination. Pipettes are color-coded to help properly identify the correct pipette size.

Certified absence of detectable pyrogens, DNA, RNase & DNase, non-cytotoxic. Individually wrapped with easy to open paper/plastic wrap. 

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive packaging to ensure convenient storage and reliable use
  • For use with Easypet 3 and existing serological pipet controllers
  • Ultra clear virgin polystyrene meeting the requirement of USP VI
  • Sterility assurance level of 10-6; Individually wrapped
  • Certified pyrogen, DNA, RNase &DNase, non-cytotoxic
  • Volume color-coding

Item Volume Packaging Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
50 mL 4 bags x 40 pcs Violet Case of 160
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5 mL 4 bags x 100 pcs Blue Case of 400
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2 mL 4 bags x 150 pcs Green Case of 600
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10 mL 4 bags x 100 pcs Orange Case of 400
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1 mL 4 bags x 200 pcs Yellow Case of 800
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25 mL 4 bags x 50 pcs Red Case of 200
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