Eppendorf Research Plus Move It Adjustable Spacing Pipettes

Eppendorf Research Plus Move It Adjustable Spacing Pipettes allow fast and secure multiple sample transfers between different formats with tip spacing freely selectable from 45. To 33mm, depending on pipette variant. For a safe sample transfer, the spacing adjustment is vibration-free, easy, and fast. By just a simple turn of the adjustment knob, the tip distance is modified. With the Move It Adjustable Spacing pipettes, users can easily switch between various formats (i.e. tubes to plates); reducing throughput time by 50% while increasing reproducibility.

Move It adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette works without any tubing connections between cone and piston-cylinder system. This design offers special advantages compared with conventional instruments. Potential problems caused by the presence of tubing, such as porosity and leads, are not an issue. With fewer moving, often fragile parts, Move It multichannel pipettes increase precision and durability by eliminating tubing, the size or the air cushions is reduced to a minimum which has an additional positive effect on precision and accuracy. Pipette head is completely 360° rotatable, allowing the user benefits from comfortable readability of the display supporting an ergonomic and relaxed body posture. At the same time, it ensures fast identification of all parameters saving valuable time.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel air-cushion pipettes with variable volume and adjustable tip spacing
  • For plates (384, 96, 48, 24, and 12-well), tubes (1.5mL and 2.0mL) and agarose gels
  • Tip spacing freely selectable from 4.5 to 33mm, depending on pipette variant
  • Format limiter for quick stiches backwards and forwards between source and destination formats
  • Manual adjustment knob for smooth vibration-free format switches and liquid transfers without dripping
  • Tubeless system for reliability and safety
  • Fully autoclavable for user and sample safety
  • 360° rotatable pipette head for comfort readability of display and fast identification of parameters
  • Optimally balanced pipette reduces hand fatigue for stress-free operation
  • Applications include: Forward Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Removal of Supernatants, Sample Mixing, Phase Extraction, and Filling of Plates, Gels, and Reaction Vessels
Item Volume Color Code No. Channels Unit of Measure Price Purchase
30–300µL Orange 8 Each
In Stock
120-1200µL Dark Green 4 Each
In Stock
30–300µL Orange 4 Each
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120-1200µL Dark Green 6 Each
In Stock
120-1200µL Dark Green 8 Each
In Stock
30–300µL Orange 6 Each
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