Eppendorf Pipette Carousel 2 & Charger Carousel 2

The Eppendorf Pipette Carousel 2 & Charger Carousel 2 allows you to keep your Eppendorf Pipettes and Repeaters well within reach. The Pipette Carousel 2 for manual pipettes and the Charger Carousel 2 for electronic devices offer more flexibility and more capacity than before.

The Eppendorf Pipette Carousel 2 carries up to six (6) manual single or multi-channel Eppendorf pipettes. Single pipette holders can be mounted to the carousel in two orientations turned by 180 degrees to each other to store all current and most predecessor manual pipettes. The includes Eppendorf Research, Research plus, Reference, Reference 2, and Biomaster®

The Charger Carousel 2 offers 50% more capacity than before and holds up to six (6) electronic Eppendorf Xplore or Explorer plus pipettes. When used with optional charger shells the carousel can carry up to six (6) Eppendorf Repeater E3/E3x or Repeater Stream/Xstream. In addition to electronic devices, the Charger Carousel 2 is also perfect for manual Eppendorf pipettes when used with optional pipette holders.

Key Features

  • Stores all current manual and electronic Eppendorf pipettes (including the Repeater) and most of their predecessors
  • Charger carousel with intelligent charging electronics and increased capacity for up to six instruments
  • Rotatable holder with completely new design
  • Carousels and stand with interchangeable pipette holders and charger stands, no tools required (sold separately)
  • Large rubber feet protect carousels and stands from liquid spilled on bench top
  • Pictograms on all charger shells and pipette holders for clear assignment in the lab
Item Product Description Capacity Pipettor Compatibility Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Charger Carousel 2 6 Electronic Pipettes Xplorer or Xplorer plus Each
In Stock
Charger Stand 2 1 Electronic Pipette Repeater E3/E3x or Repeater stream/Xstream Each
In Stock
Pipette Carousel 2 6 Manual Pipettes Research; Research plus; Reference; Reference 2; or Biomaster Each
In Stock
Charger Stand 2 1 Electronic Pipette Xplorer or Xplorer plus Each
In Stock
Pipette Stand 2 1 Repeater Pipette Repeater M4; without charging functionality Each
In Stock

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