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Eppendorf PCR-Coolers

The Eppendorf PCR-Coolers are compact, easy-to-use and provide a contamination-free way to prepare your PCR reactions. Simply "charge-up" by placing the PCR-Cooler in a -20°C freezer for at least 2 hours. The low-profile, benchtop device will cool 0.2mL or 0.5mL tubes at temperatures between 0°C and 7°C for approximately two hours (at an ambient temperature of 22°C). It also accommodates 96-well PCR plates and strips.

When the temperature exceeds 7°C, the cooler changes color -- purple to pink or dark blue to light blue -- indicating that the upper temperature limit has been reached. A special contour design prevents freezing of samples.

Clean with a mild detergent or with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Do not use above 65°C.

Key Features

  • Ideal alternative to ice baths
  • Color changes when temperature exceeds 7°C

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