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Eppendorf Flex-Tube Microcentrifuge Tubes

Eppendorf Flex-Tube Microcentrifuge Tubes have flexibly attached caps that are easy to open and close for ergonomic operation. Eppendorf's vast experience in precision molding guarantee a perfect fit of the tube lids to minimize sample evaporation; perfect for long-term storage.

These tubes provide exceptional centrifugation stability of up to  30,000 x g preventing tube breakage. This prevents sample loss and provides the extra safety when working with hazardous samples. Eppendorf Flex-Tubes are manufactured without the use of of slip agents, plasticizers and biocides that have been shown to negatively affect bio-assay results.

Graduations provide an easy volume reference. Frosted lids and surface on the side provide easy labeling. These tubes have a guaranteed functionality between -86ºC to 100ºC and tubes are autoclavable (when open) to 121°C.

Flex-Tubes are available in both Eppendorf Quality and PCR Clean purity levels.

Eppendorf Quality Flex-Tubes are manufactured under clean room conditions and used in basic applications such as enzymatic digestion, plasmid DNA isolation, sample and reagent storage.

PCR Clean Flex-Tubes are batch-certified free from DNA, DNase, RNase, and PCR inhibitors. These tubes are ideal for RNA applications, isolation and analysis of genomic DNA and preparation of samples for PCR or real-time PCR samples

Key Features

  • Flexible caps provide ergonomic operation
  • precise lid sealing for minimal evaporation rates
  • Exceptional centrifugation stability up to 30,000 x g
  • Available in Eppendorf Quality and PCR Clean purity levels

Item Volume Description/Color Purity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1.5 mL Amber Eppendorf Quality Case of 500
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1.5 mL Clear Eppendorf Quality Case of 500
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1.5 mL Clear PCR Clean Pack of 500
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