Eppendorf 5425R Refrigerated Centrifuge

The Eppendorf 5425R Refrigerated Centrifuge is a 24-place successor to the popular 5424R centrifuge featuring an outstanding cooling system, 6 rotor options, a max speed of 21,300 x g, and an ergonomic operation, making it the optimal choice on the lab bench for the separation of temperature-sensitive samples from 0.2 – 5mL. The improved cooling system ensure optimal separation results and reliable cooling at 4°C even at maximum rotor speed. Thanks to the short pre-cooling time of only 8 minutes (~21°C to 4°C), the centrifuge is ready to use in no time.

The six different rotors now cover an even wider range of applications, including molecular biology applications such as DNA/RNA or protein purification in 1.5 or 2.0 mL tubes or spin column, pelleting of bacteria, yeast can cell cultures in 5mL tubes, and microvolume protocols such as pre/post PCR and qPCR setups in 0.2 mL tubes, 8-well stirps or divisible 96-well plates.

Key Features

  • Patented compressor technology reduces vibration and protects samples
  • Continuous cooling maintains a constant temperature after the run has completed to keep samples cool
  • Excellent cooling system for the separation of temperature-sensitive samples from 0.2 – 5mL
  • Aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® rotor lids for an ergonomic lid locking
  • Additional software functions (e.g. short function without keeping the key pressed, end-of-run countdown)
  • Extended rotor program (e.g. 5.0mL rotor, swing-bucket rotor for divisible plates to speed up PCR/qPCR setup)
  • Optibowl® design for quick operation even without rotor lid
  • Soft-touch, one-finger closure for ergonomic lid locking
  • Max rotor capacity: 24 x 2.0 mL / 10 x 5.0 mL vessels
  • Max speed: 21,300 x g (15,060 RPM)
  • FastTemp function: from ~21°C to 4°C in only 8 minutes
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +40°C

Specifications for Eppendorf 5425R Refrigerated Centrifuge
Max. RCF 21,300 × g
Max. capacity 10 × 5.0 mL
Rotors available 6
Acceleration time1 15 s
Deceleration time1 15 s
Display large, brightly lit LCD
Timer 10 s to 9:59 h, with continuous run function
Noise level < 54 dB(A)
Volume range 50 mL
Power supply 120 V, 50-60 Hz
Max. power consumption 360 W
Dimensions (W×D×H) 29× 48× 26cm
11.42× 18.90× 10.24in
Height (with open lid) 50.8 cm/?20.0 in
Weight w/o accessories 21.0 kg
46.3 lb
Cooling refrigerated
Item Attribute Description Power Unit of Measure Price Purchase
5425R with Keypad control panel and includes FA-24x2 rotor 120V; 50/60Hz Each
In Stock
5425R with Knob control panel and includes FA-24x2 rotor 120V; 50/60Hz Each
In Stock

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