Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge

The Eppendorf 5425 Centrifuge is the new laboratory standard with its 24-place capacity and speed up to 21,330 x g. The Centrifuge 5425 provides flexibility with its 6 rotor options and top comfort with the soft, one-finger closure for ergonomic lid locking. This centrifuge has new features such as: time elapsed since last run, 3 program buttons for direct access to frequently used settings, improved short function without the need to continuously press the key. Its Eppendorf QuickLock technology gives and ergonomic ¼ turn lid locking saving time and repetitive stress off the wrist. 2 new rotor options include a 10-place aerosol tight 5.0 mL rotor fits both screw and snap lid tubes and swing-bucket rotor for PCR strips to enhance throughput both options (order separately).

Key Features

  • Max RCF: 21,330 x g
  • Max Capacity: 24 x 2.0mL
  • Faster acceleration & deceleration with 10 acceleration and braking ramps
  • Lower noise level due to the OptiBowl optimized sound design
  • Slim footprint to take only as much lab space as needed
  • Lower loading height for comfortable insertion of rotor and/or the samples
  • Flexibility with 6 rotor options
  • Soft touch one-finger closure
  • Rotor chamber made of stainless steel
  • Available in knobs or keypad
Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Centrifuge 5425; keypad; without rotor; 120 V Each
In Stock
Centrifuge 5425; knob; with Rotor FA-24x2; 120 V Each
In Stock
Centrifuge 5425; knob; without rotor; 120 V Each
In Stock
Rotor FA-24x2-PTFE: Aerosol-tight QuickLock for 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes; spins up to 21;330 x g/15;060 rpm; PTFE-coated for increa Each
In Stock
Centrifuge 5425; keypad; with Rotor FA-24x2; 120 V Each
In Stock

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