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Elmi Microcentrifuges

The Elmi Microcentrifuges are engineered to combine mixing and spin-down in one machine. This system will swiftly and efficiently handle both operations either manually or automatically. The Fugamix Series microcentrifuges are powered by V-Spin technology giving you a huge savings in time, effort, and workspace.

There are several models to choose from to offer you the exact specifications your laboratory needs:

CM-50 Models are one of the most compact and powerful microcentrifuges available. The patent pending digital motor driver SkySpin™ ensures extraordinary performance, low noise, low heating and smooth operation while running at up to 15,000RPM. It features 5 rotor brake settings, a rapid spin function, digital timer, RPM/RCF indicator, and rotor imbalance sensor.

Fugamix 3 CM09M Models features 6 levels of mixing at up to9,000 RPM with automated Spin-Mix-Spin modes for your convenience. Ithas an optical lid lock, digital timer and 3 optional rotors.

Fugamix 3 CM-50M Models are simple, yet exceptionally powerful and versatile. It features a specially-developed shaking mode to imitate hand shaking and an intense vortex with 12 shaking levels. Choose from an automated Spin-Mix-Spin Mode or create your own with the Custom Spin-Mix-Spin Mode, both modes means lower reagent volumes are needed. There are 3 optional rotors with automatic rotor detection and a rotor imbalance sensor. The powerful G-Force (12,000-15,000 Max RPM), digital timer, spin-speed control, and 9 mixing strengths combine to ensure absolute precision.

Fugamix 3 CM-50MP Models feature SkyPrep technology which allows the user to semi-automate any nucleic acid extraction protocol with easy and accuracy. The Custom DNA and RNA extraction programs include Plasmid DNA Extraction, Genomic DNA Extraction and RNA Extraction. The CM-50MP includes the CarbonSpin rotor comprised of aluminum alloy which significantly improves efficiency and ventilation. A custom carbon fiber layer stability ring is used to reduce the rotors weight while increasing durability. This rotor allows users to spin and vigorously shake (up to 13,500RPM) any substance for as long as the experiment requires. Other features include: Fast plasmid miniprep mode, Sample preparation mode, and customizable spin-mix-spin mode, digital imbalance sensor, 5 variable brake speed and a safety lid lock.

EcoSpin Models are designed to centrifuge EcoPlates™ at 3,000 RPM. It's easy to handle, maintenance- and calibration-free. It features a super fast start/stop, preprogrammed optimal speed and time of spindown, mechanical lid lock, and emergency lid unblocking mechanism.

Key Features

  • Combines mixing and spin down
  • Choose from four different models
  • V-Spin technology for mixing
  • Spin-Mix-Spin Modes
  • Low sample heating
  • Additional rotors available (see Accessories)


Specifications for Elmi Microcentrifuges
  CM-50 CM-50M CM-50MP CM09M
Speed (RPM) 1,000–15,000 1,000–15,000 1,000–13,500 4,000–9,000
Max. Force (RCF) 15,300 15,300 12,388 5,200
Timer (min) 0.1–99 0.1–99 0.1–99 0.1–30
Mixing Programs 12 12 6
Custom Programs 1 1 1
Dimensions (LxWxH,mm) 200 x 180 x 145 190x170x115
Weight (kg) 3
Power Supply 24 VDC, 5A
24VDC, 3A 24 VDC, 5A

Item Accessory Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Hermetic Rotor: 1.5-2mL For CM-50/CM-50M Each
Call to order
Strip Rotor: (2) Strips of 0.2mL For CM-50/CM-50M Each
Call to order
0.2mL Test Tube adapter For Rotor EF16321 & EF16322 Each
Call to order
0.5mL Test Tube adapter For Rotor EF16321 & EF16322 Each
Call to order
Mix Rotor: 1.5-2mL For CM-50M Each
Call to order
Mix Rotor: 0.2-2mL For CM09M Each
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Strip Rotor: (2) Strips of 0.2mL For CM09M Each
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CarbonSpin Mixing Rotor For CM-50MP Each
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