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Electrode Cleaning Storage and Refill Solutions

Daigger Electrode Cleaning Storage and Refill Solutions offer a full set of cleaning solutions for pH and electrodes. Ricca Chemical’s Reference Electrode Refill is a potassium chloride solution (10% (w/v) - Saturated, 1.4 - 4 Molar). All ASI electrode solutions are made to industry specification standards, including calibration buffers, reference filling solutions, cleaning solutions and storage solutions. Use these items to clean and rejuvenate slow or dirty pH electrodes for better accuracy and functionality.

Analysts need to perform measurements quickly and accurately, and in many cases deal with different pH measurement requirements. The sample often relies upon the type of pH electrode being used, and proper cleaning solutions are necessary to stay within the parameters needed for reliable results.

ASI is a manufacturing, tooling, molding and assembly facility that offers comprehensive electrode solutions to research in development, while Ricca Chemical Company is an ISO certified company that has grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of chemical testing solutions in North America.

Key Features

  • Electrode cleaning solutions help maintain accuracy and prevents clogging
  • Comes in handy 16 oz. bottles
  • ASI warranty covers failures due to workmanship or material defects from the date of purchase

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