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Electric Bunsen Burners

These Electric Bunsen Burners provide the control and cleanliness of electricity without sacrificing precision. It concentrates heat at top, making it ideal for heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers, or for sterilizing inoculating needles for microbiological work.

The 400 watt element of this electrical bunsen burner produces temperatures between 800 and 1000°C and can be replaced if needed. The corrosion-resistant cylindrical metal housing has ventilation holes at the bottom that keeps it cool, allowing for handling during use. A removable cowl deflects heat away from the hand. Burner stands 7" with a 4.5" base diameter. CSA certified.

Key Features

  • Radiant heat is concentrated directly at the top, where it’s required
  • Cleaner than gas with the same precise performance
  • Can be hand-held for direct heating
Item Product Description Power Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Electric Bunsen Burner without Controller 115V Each
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Electric Bunsen Burner with Controller 230V Each
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