Economy Straight Tissue Forceps

These Economy Straight Tissue Forceps are available in wide varieties such as hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, kelly forceps, and biopsy forceps. These surgical forceps are not intended for invasive medical and invasive veterinary procedures. DR Instruments offers great quality and a wide range of dissecting forceps at great prices.

DR Instruments forceps feature precision points with serrations and guide pins. They also have ridges for gaining a better grip during work. The straight tissue economy forceps feature specialty teeth for holding tissues during dissection. They are made with high quality stainless steel. They are 5.5 inches long.

Key Features

  • High quality forceps ensure accuracy in dissection
  • Built-in ridges guarantee a better grip during dissection
  • Straight economy forceps have specialty teeth to hold tissue

Item Length Unit of Measure Price Purchase
5 1/2" Each
7 In Stock 7 In Stock
5" Each
11 In Stock 11 In Stock

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