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EasyCast Horizontal Minigel System B1A

The Thermo Scientific Owl EasyCast Horizontal Minigel System B1A is designed to provide flat, even banding patterns and consistent results. The all-in-one design permits both casting and running gels in the buffer chamber ; the system accommodates two comb positions for running two series of samples simultaneously. A silk-screened UV fluorescent ruler in the gel tray facilitates accurate fragment size determination.

The system holds hot agarose up to 60°C without tray warping. Platinum electrodes and gold-plated banana plugs resist corrosion. SuperSafe™ lid eliminates the risk of accidental shock. Complete system includes buffer chamber, SuperSafe™ lid with attached power supply leads, EasyCast™ gasketed UVT gel tray, and 2 combs (6 and 10 well, 1.5 mm thick, double-sided), and a 3 ft. power cord. System may be transparent green, yellow, or orange – color selection is random.

Key Features

  • Runs two sample series simultaneously
  • Use at temperatures up to 60ºC
  • No comb assembly required

Specifications for Scientific Owl EasyCast Horizontal Minigel System
Gel Size (WxL): 7 x 8 cm
Buffer Volume: 300 mL
Chamber Dimensions (LxWxH) 16 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm

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Owl Minigel System B1A Case of 1
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