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Digital Handheld Refractometers AR200

The Reichert Digital Handheld Refractometers AR200 offer twice the accuracy, and twice the range at half the cost of other handhelds. It’s easy to use. The state-of-the-art AR200 digital handheld measures refractive index, percentage of solids as Brix, or concentration over a broad range. These include 1.3300-1.5600 nD (0 to 95% Brix) with exacting accuracy to ±0.0001 nD (+/- 0.1% Brix).

The AR200 is engineered with a new sapphire prism that delivers two and a half times more conductivity to temperature than a conventional glass prism, providing greater accuracy of the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) calculation. The sapphire prism is four times harder than glass and resistant to demanding applications, providing lasting durability and service over the life of the refractometer.

It offers PC connectivity for transfer of measurements and programming of scales. The IR Communications Package enables reading log, calibration log, and custom scale transfer to any lab PC. The computer interface capability, custom scale programming like PFCS, salinity and others, along with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) make the AR200 the instrument of choice for all labs.

Key Features

  • This refractometer is double the range and accuracy at half the cost.
  • Engineered with a new sapphire prism for more conductivity.
  • Offers more precise measurements.
  • Connects to PCs for measurement transfers.

Specifications for Reichert AR200 Refractometer
Range: 0-95% Brix, 1.330-1.5600nD
Readability: 0.1% Brix, 0.0001nD
Reading Modes: RI (nD), Temp. Comp. RI (nD-TC), Brix, Brix-TC
Calibration: Up to 5 points including water
Temperature Compensation: -12°C to 43°C
Data Storage: 225 most current reading, up to 5-point most current calibration
Power: 4 AAA batteries, battery life 3000+ readings,
Dimensions: 7L x 3.75W x 1.37D", 0.9lb

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