Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter

These Darkfield Quebec Colony Counters provide even, glare-free illumination that brightly contrasts colonies against the darkfield background. A highly polished annular reflector spreads light from a 40W bulb uniformly over the entire culture plate.

An adjustable dish holder accommodates round dishes with diameters as small as 100 mm, and square dishes as small as 100 x 100 mm. Each unit includes a white-ruled Wolffheugel counting plate and an adjustable-rod magnification lens that rotates 360° for ready access to culture plates.

Choose from manual or digital models. Digital Counter EF4562B includes a convenient, built-in LCD display (0 to 99,999) that records and displays the number of counted colonies. Touching the probe to the conductive surface of the agar completes an electrical circuit, which activates the counter.

Both models include a built-in tilt stand, mounted in front or rear, that allows the counter to tilt for easier viewing. It can also be locked flat to the instrument base.

Key Features

  • Glare-free illumination sharply outlines colonies
  • Choose manual or convenient digital with LCD display of counted colonies

Specifications for Reichert Darkfield Quebec® Colony Counters
Magnifier: 1.5X, 4.8" (121.9 mm) diameter
Illumination: 40 W
Power: 115 V, 50Hz; 40W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 10 x 11.5 x 10.5"
Weight: 12 lb. (5 kg)

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Replacement Wolffhuegel Grid Each
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Manual Darkfield Colony Counter Each
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Automatic Darkfield Colony Counter Each
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