Daigger Kanamycin Monosulfate

Daigger Scientific Kanamycin Monosulfate is an Amnioglycoside antibiotic with a bactericidal action against most gram negative bacteria. Incorporates into sensitive bacterial cells by active transport process. Binds to the 30S and to some extent the 50S subunits of the bacterial ribosomes, inhibiting protein synthesis and generating errors in the transcription of the genetic code. Widely used as a selective agent for the incorporation of the NPT II (APH3’) gene in plant tissue. Plate cell culture tested.


Soluble in water. Store at room temperature.


Key Features

  • CAS No. 25389-94-0
  • C18H36N4O11 H2SO4
  • MW 582.6
  • Purity >750µg/mg

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Kanamycin Monosulfate (A) 25 g Each
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