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Cross Shaped Stir Bars

Cross Shaped Stir Bars come in various sizes that conform to both the sample being used and the required turbulence. Cross shaped stirring bars are generally used as an all-purpose stirrer in the lab with a true paddle configuration.

Guaranteed to be inert and leak-free, cross stirring magnets are separately polished to stay cleaner for longer, and are isostastically molded in Teflon PTFE resin approved by the FDA. They are manufactured with Alnico V magnets high in strength for maximum coupling. Cross stirring heads are 1 1/2” (38 mm) or 1 1/4" (32 mm) in diameter. They are fully autoclavable, meant specifically for mixing at slow speeds for various biological applications. A larger vortex is featured specifically for more complete mixing.

Key Features

  • Stirring bars constructed of isostatistic Teflon PTFE resin approved by PDA
  • Fully autoclavable, manufactured with Alnico V magnet high in strength
  • Cross shape (also called star shape or plus shape)
  • Excellent all-purpose stirrer, designed with a paddle configuration

Item Diameter Unit of Measure Price Purchase
3/4" (19 mm) Pack of 4
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1-1/2" (38 mm) Each
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1-1/4" (32 mm) Pack of 4
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