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Costar Cell Scrapers and Lifters

The Corning® Costar Cell Scrapers and Lifters are designed with careful ingenuity; a swivel blade for easy access to growth surfaces of flasks and dishes minimizes cell damage and ensures even contact with the growth surface. The Small Cell Scraper is designed for small- and medium-sized flasks while the Large Cell Scraper fits larger flasks and roller bottles.

The Cell Lifter features a wide beveled edge used with dishes and larger cell culture clusters.

These sterilized scrapers are the latest example of Corning’s industry wide efforts to adapt to market trends and create user-friendly, ergonomic cell culture instruments.

All are individually wrapped, and irradiation sterilized.

Key Features

  • Individually wrapped, gamma radiated sterilized
  • Ideal use is to manually harvest cells with included cell lifter
  • The unique blade design helps minimize cell damage
  • Scrapers are certified non pyrogenic
Item Product Description Blade Width Handle Length Sterile Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Cell Lifter 19 mm 180 mm Yes Case of 100
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
Large Cell Scraper 30 mm 390 mm Yes Case of 100
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
Small Cell Scraper 18 mm 250 mm Yes Case of 100
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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