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Costar 96-Well Black and White Clear-Bottom Plates

Corning® Costar 96-Well Black and White Clear-Bottom Plates are recommended for most cell-based assays. These plates are particularly suited to fluorescent and luminescent cell-based assays. The flat plate bottoms and color make cell detection easy. They also enhance overall optical clarity.

The plates are available tissue-culture treated surfaces to encourage cell growth. Choose black plates to minimize fluorescence. To maximize signal reflection and maintain a low background fluorescence, choose the white polystyrene plates. Readings can be taken at 340 nm. The thin polystyrene bottom reduces “light piping” from other wells.

Key Features

  • Optimizes optical clarity
  • Made from polystyrene
  • Thin bottom to reduce "light piping" from other wells

Item Lid Pigment Sterile Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Yes Black Yes Case of 48
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Yes White Yes Case of 48
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