Costar 96-Well Black and White Clear-Bottom Plates

Corning® Costar 96-Well Black and White Clear-Bottom Plates are recommended for most cell-based assays. These plates are particularly suited to fluorescent and luminescent cell-based assays. The flat plate bottoms and color make cell detection easy. They also enhance overall optical clarity.

The plates are available tissue-culture treated surfaces to encourage cell growth. Choose black plates to minimize fluorescence. To maximize signal reflection and maintain a low background fluorescence, choose the white polystyrene plates. Readings can be taken at 340 nm. The thin polystyrene bottom reduces "light piping" from other wells.

Key Features

  • Optimizes optical clarity
  • Made from polystyrene
  • Thin bottom to reduce "light piping" from other wells

Item Lid Pigment Sterile Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Yes Black Yes Case of 48
In Stock
Yes White Yes Case of 48
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