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Corning Sterile Bottle-Top Vacuum Filters

Use Corning® Sterile Bottle-Top Vacuum Filters to filter cell culture media, biological fluids, and other aqueous solutions. They are designed to work well with glass and polystyrene media bottles. Plus, these filters have the membrane material and pore size printed on them, and they are color coded by membrane type for easy product identification. Each includes a membrane filter, graduated clear polystyrene funnel, and polyethylene neck adapter with angle hose connected, which simplifies vacuum line attachment. Filters are provided individually packaged, Gamma sterilized, and certified non-pyrogenic.

Choose from Filter EF8259B, featuring a 45mm neck diameter to fit wide mouth media bottles and polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, and Filter EF8251D, featuring a 33mm neck diameter to fit narrow mouth media bottles and cellulose acetate (CA) membrane. PES membranes provide the fastest flow rates, the lowest protein binding, and low extractables, and are excellent for filtering cell culture media.

Key Features

  • Square filter support improves filtering performance
  • Color coded by membrane type for easy identification
  • Filters are designed for use on glass and polystyrene media bottles

Specifications for Corning® Sterile Bottle-Top Filters

EF8259B EF8251D  EF8251C EF8252C
Funnel Capacity: 500 mL
Neck Diameter: 45 mm 33 mm  33 mm
 45 mm
Membrane Material: Polyethersulfone Cellulose Acetate Cellulose Acetate
Cellulose Acetate
Membrane Pore Size: 0.22 µm 0.45 µm  0.22 µm
 0.22 µm
Membrane Dimensions: 63 mm x 63 mm
Membrane Area: 33.2 cm2
Color Code: Yellow Orange  Orange  Orange

Item Color-Coded Adapter Membrane Neck Size- mm Pore Size- µm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Orange CA 33 0.22 Case of 12
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Orange CA 45 0.22 Case of 12
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Orange CA 33 0.45 Case of 12
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Yellow PES 45 0.22 Case of 12
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