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Corning Matrigel Matrix for Organoid Culture

Corning Matrigel Matrix for Organoid Culture is an optimized matrix that has been verified to support organoid growth and differentiation. It provides the consistency and reliability needed for successful organoid culture by employing the following steps:

  • Verified to support growth and differentiation of organoid cultures including:
    • Long-term expansion of mouse small intestinal organoids for more than 7 passages with typical organoid budding morphology and marker expression
    • Growth and differentiation of polarized 3D epithelium from primary human airway epithelial cell expressing typical markers
  • Each lot is measured for its elastic modulus, indicative of matrix stiffness that support and organoid workflow
  • Each lot is qualified to form stable “3D dome” structures commonly used in organoid culture
  • Demonstrated to successfully grow organoids from both healthy and diseased cell origins

As an optimized matrix, Corning Matrigel Matrix for organoid culture reduces the need for time-consuming screening, while providing the reproducibility and consistency essential for organoid research.

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Corning Matrigel matrix for organoid culture, phenol red-free, LDEV-free, 10 mL Each
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