Corning Matrigel Matrix-3D Plates

Corning Matrigel Matrix-3D Plates are a high-throughput pre-coated format that contains Matrigel and can be used for drug discovery applications with 3D cell cultures such as organoids, spheroids, or tumoroids. Matrigel Matrix is extracted from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) mouse sarcoma, a tumor rich in extracellular matrix proteins, including Laminin (a major component), Collagen IV, heparin sulfate proteoglycans, entactin/nidogen, and a number of growth factors.

Key Features

  • Each log is verified for intraplate consistency
  • Tested and found negative for the presence of bacteria and fungi
  • Available in 384- and 96- well ready-to-use formats
  • Easy and convenient as Matrigel is pre-dispensed in each well
  • Formats provide intra-plate consistency
  • Allows for sandwich/overlay and embedded application assays
Item Product Description No. Wells Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Black/Clear Bottom Microplate 384 Case of 5
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Black/Clear Bottom Microplate 96 Case of 1
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White/Clear Bottom Microplate 384 Case of 5
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White/Clear Bottom Microplate 384 Case of 1
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