Corning LSE Nutating Mixer

The Corning LSE Nutating Mixer is a compact mixer that combines the motion of an orbital shaker and a platform rocker to produce a continuous three-dimensional agitation. The output demonstrates a thorough yet gentile mix without foaming. The mixer is safe to use in temperature-controlled environments.

The pitch and speed of the Corning Nutating Mixer are designed to provide the optimal motion for mixing and resuspending samples in small volume vessels such as blood and centrifuge tubes. The dimpled mat on the platform surface holds tubes firmly in place while the unit is powered on. The mat exhibits an array of tube capacity as it can hold 60 x 1.5mL tubes, 30 pediatric blood tubes (3mL), 21 standard blood tubes (7mL), 17 x 15mL, or 9 x 50mL tubes.

Key Features

  • Ideal for mixing large strands of DNA into solution in microcentrifuge tubes or mixing blood into a buffer in large centrifuge tubes
  • Small footprint
  • 3D motion is ideal for mixing and resuspending samples
  • Safe for cold room or incubator use
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