Corepoint Scientific Black Diamond Series Refrigerators

Corepoint Scientific Black Diamond Series Refrigerators are purpose built with both scientific and medial applications in mind. The Black Diamond Series utilizes the latest technology including an intuitive touch screen display, built-in digital data logging, high performance refrigeration system with hyper-recovery mode, and sustainable design with natural refrigerant.

Key Features

  • Time Zone Specific Clock Display provides the time on the touchscreen
  • Active State Verification so the user can easily see that touchscreen is operating
  • Dual NIST compliant temperature sample probes measuring two areas within the unit
  • Decimal Temperature Readout (0.01°C) provides concise temperature readouts
  • Set Point allows user to accurately select the temperature they need
  • Calibration (offset) - thermostat can be adjusted for accuracy and reading the correct temperature
  • Battery Back-up maintains power to display during loss of electricity
  • Battery Test will test the battery that powers the controller/display
  • Independent Microprocessor Temperature Controller provides product protection & precise refrigeration control separated from monitoring
  • Visual Temperature Scale Bar (based on Dual Probe) outputs dynamic temperature monitoring
  • Dual Temperature Sample Display demonstrates broad uniformity and provides constant uniformity monitoring
  • Single Point Hi and Lo Temperature History
  • Data Logging allows user to maintain temperature history
  • Quick View Data Temperature Chart provides data on history of temperature
  • Chart Duration allows user to customize the visible temperature history on the display
  • Transfer Data for external review
  • USB Port Download allows a USB to be connected for data transfer
  • Un-Editable Data Report Format exports an un-manipulatable format of the data
  • High Performance Refrigeration System provides faster recovery times and extreme environment performance
  • Optimized Refrigeration System provides faster recovery times and extreme environment performance
  • Optimized Refrigeration System optimizes working pressures relative to ambient temperature
  • Defrost System – Cycle defrost helps to keep samples safe
  • Heated Enclosure Frame decreases amount of condensation that can form
  • Laminar Flow Circulation provides exceptional temperature uniformity
  • Variable Fan Speed Controls optimizes fan operation relevant to ambient temperature, provides quiet fan operation
  • Extreme Environment Operation – refrigeration unit runs in a high output mode in extreme ambient environments
  • HFC-Free Foam Insulation is environmentally friendly
  • Magnetic Door Gaskets ensures positive sealing of door
  • 1” Probe Access Port allows user to install probe using the designated portal to avoid running wires through door gasket
  • Low Profile Casters reduces unit height and allows for ease of mobility
  • Premium Interior Light with Color Selection allows user to select customized interior color set
  • Premium Shelves – 5 shelves per door of unit
  • Optional Thermal View Security Glass (Glass Door Models Only), offers privacy and security
  • Digitally Commuted Fans offers variable speeds and is energy efficient
  • Manual Alarms for Test Validations to validate proper alarm function
  • Temperature Alarms (Hi, Lo) informs of temperature variations
  • Remote Alarm Contacts provides remote alarm monitoring
  • Sensor Error Alarm informs of temperature variations
  • Door Alarm alerts with extended door opening and notifies if door is not properly closed
  • Remote (Dry) Alarm alerts if there is power failure
  • Alarm Delay & Ringback allows user to program specific time delay into alarm notification, the ringback function will prompt the alarm to notify of event after specified time has passed
  • Low Battery Alarm alerts when the controller’s battery is running low
  • Temperature Uniformity Testing & Validation (±2°C) ensures internal temperature of unit is consistent in all areas of the cabinet (within ±2°C)
  • Code Red provides maximum visibility in alarm conditions
  • 3-Year parts & labor warranty plus an additional 2 years compressor, Lifetime warranty on Fortress door locks, hinges, and handles

Specifications for Corepoint Scientific Black Diamond Series Refrigerators
Capacity 22 ft³ 46 ft³ 22 ft³ 46 ft³
Defrost Cycle
Exterior Doors 1 Solid 2 Solid 1 Glass 2 Glass
Interior Doors 0
Shelves 5 Adj 10 Adj 5 Adj 10 Adj
W" 27.5" 52.75" 27.5" 52.75"
D" 35.25" 35.25"
H" 80.5" 80.5"
Refrigerant R290
H.P. 1/4 1/2 1/4 1/2
Amps 3.8 5.9 3.8 5.9
Weight 376 554 376 554
Item Capacity No. Doors Unit of Measure Price Purchase
22 ft³ 1 Glass Each
In Stock
22 ft³ 1 Solid Each
In Stock
46 ft³ 2 Glass Each
In Stock
46 ft³ 2 Solid Each
In Stock

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