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Combi-Box & Combi-Rack Organizers

The Simport Combi-Box and Combi-Rack Organizers are innovative space saving apparatuses that help organize well PCR tubes and well plates in the laboratory. The Simport Combi-Box™, made of PVC, can be used as both a storage rack and a workstation. The white base will accept all 96- and 384-well plates. Plates can be seen at all times thanks to a transparent cover that is easy to remove. Plates can be inserted and removed into and from the Combi-box with ease. At 40 mm high, the stackable racking system saves space on the lab bench. They are also commonly stored on top of the refrigerator or on shelves.

For single tubes as well as strips, use the Combi-Rack TM(T327-1), which can hold up to 96 tubes or 12 strips of 8. The Simport Combi-Rack™, made of polypropylene, is constructed with an alphanumeric numbering system to identify tubes within each specific hole. The grid stands on 4 legs and is useful on a lab counter or in a refrigerator or freezer shelf. The polypropylene construction allows it to withstand temperatures from -80°C to +121°C. Simport Combi-Rack™ is also suitable for carrying and storing, freezing and transporting reagents and samples.

Key Features

  • Combi-Box™ is made of sturdy PVC and Combi-Rack™ is made of polypropylene suitable for freezing, and storing reagents and samples
  • Combi-Box™ is 40 mm high, making it stackable and a space saver in crowded labs
  • The polypropylene construction of the Combi-Rack™ allows it to withstand temperatures from -80°C to +121°C

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