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Celltreat Centrifuge Bottles

Celltreat Centrifuge Bottles are made of polypropylene offering excellent chemical resistance. The rigid body is ideal for low to moderate speed centrifugation of biological and chemical samples. To ensure proper performance 75% of total capacity must be filled.

These bottles are available in 250mL or 500mL with a maximum RCF of 27,500g or 4,800g respectively. They are packaged non-sterile; 2 bottles per bag.

Key Features

  • Maximum RCF 27,500 (250mL bottle) or 4,800g (500mL bottle)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Non-sterile

Item Capacity Max. RCF Unit of Measure Price Purchase
500 mL 4;800g Case of 2
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
250 mL 27;500g Case of 2
5 In Stock 5 In Stock

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