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Bransonic Ultrasonic Baths-M/MH Series

As a leader in advanced ultrasonic technologies, you can count on these new Branson Bransonic Ultrasonic Baths-M/MH Series to give you the highest level of cleaning consistency, lasting performance, and a variety of features and sizes to match your individual needs.  Bransonic baths are used widely in laboratory, light industrial, medical, and other specialty applications for cleaning instruments, removing contaminants, sample preparation such as degassing liquids, mixing and homogenization, dissolving solids, lysing, etc. 

The series offers manual controls and also come with (MH) or without (M) heat, and has convenient “set it and forget it” operation. Cleaners enable cleaning intervals up to 60 minutes or can run continuously. Models with heating units (MH) have a maximum heater temperature of 69°C and a built-in temperature sensor that prevents overheating and automatically shuts off heating and ultrasonics when temperature exceeds 70°C. All models are available in various sizes and in 120V or 220V. Please note 220V unites are for overseas with a European cord.

Cleaners with 0.5- and 0.75-gallon capacities have a pour spout, while1.5, 2.5, and 5.5 gallon cleaners have a quick-disconnect drain. All units feature recessed 304 stainless steel tanks surrounded by a leak proof polypropylene housing, and a splash and spill-resistant sealed membrane control panel.   CSA- and UL-listed, and meet CE standards.

Key Features

  • Industrial-type ultrasonic transducer generates high-frequency sound waves that provide maximum cleaning power
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Sweep frequency
  • All units come with a cover
  • Two-year warranty

Item Capacity Model Power Tank LxWxD- in Unit of Measure Price Purchase
5.5 gal M8800H 120V 19.5x11.5x6 Each
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0.5 gal M1800 120V 6x5.5x4 Each
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0.5 gal M1800H 120V 6x5.5x4 Each
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1.5 gal M3800H 120V 11.5x6x6 Each
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0.75 gal M2800 120V 9x5.5x4 Each
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