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BRAND HandyStep Touch & Touch S Repeating Pipette

The BRAND® HandyStep Touch & Touch S Repeating Pipette is the first electronic repeating pipette with touchscreen operation and automatic tip ejection! With a user interface inspired by smartphones, the BRAND® HandyStep® touch delivers all of the advantages of touchscreen efficiency to your laboratory: access functions with a simple swipe, important information is always in view, and integrated help functions are just a tap away. Available in the basic HandyStep® touch model, or HandyStep® touch S model with added features.

Features of the HandyStep® touch:

  • Three pipetting modes: Pipette, Multi-Dispense, and Auto-Dispense
  • Easy touchscreen operation with a color-coded display and important information easily accessed
  • Simple tip ejection – fully electronic tip ejection reduces the risk of contamination
  • Favorites function – save complex processes to avoid repetitive programming of frequently used procedures
  • Automatically recognizes tip size of BRAND® PD-Tip® II and is also compatible with tips
    from other manufacturers
  • Improved aspiration and dispensing speed control
  • Optional induction charging stand – USB cable provided with pipette

Additional features of the HandyStep® touch S:

  • Sequential Dispensing Mode – Dispense up to 10 different volumes
  • Multi-Aspirating Mode – Consecutive aspiration of the same or different volumes
  • Titration Mode – Save the last titration result
  • Switch between select modes with a filled tip – pipetting settings are saved

ModeFunctionHandyStep TouchHandyStep Touch S
Multi Dispensing (MULTI-DISP)Successive dispensing of a set volumeXX
Auto Dispensing (AUTO-DISP)Automatic dispensing by the instrumentXX
Pipetting (PIP)Pipetting a defined volumeXX
Sequential Dispensing (SEQ-DISP)Successive dispensing of different volumes X
Multi Aspirating (MULTI-ASP)Aspirating different volumes X
TitratingManual or successive delivery of liquids for titration X
FavoritesSaving favorites for quick accessXX
SettingsIndividual customization of the deviceXX

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HandyStep Touch DE-M Each
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HandyStep Touch S DE-M Each
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