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Boekel Scientific Refrigerated Incubator

The Boekel Scientific’s Refrigerated Incubator with touch screen was deigned to be the most advanced incubator for microbiological work. The thermoformed plastic interior is easy to clean, and has a capacity to hold over 80 BOD bottles. Thermoelectric cooling and an advanced control system ensure that this incubator is suitable for most research and environmental laboratories.

The unit has an easily viewable, bright color touch screen that displays alarms, current temperature, and the humidity level. The user can easily control and define temperature programs, alarm setpoints, and control the internal power outlet based on time. The user interface was carefully designed to be intuitive and easily readable. The display can show temperature and humidity graphs and this data can be downloaded to a USB drive or through an Ethernet connection. The incubator is ideal for standard microbial work or low temperature work such as BOD testing, drosophila, and extremophile bacteria culture because of the high efficiency thermoelectric cooling. The unit can also add humidity to the chamber with the included humidity pan.

Key Features

  • Advanced configurable control system for standard and custom culture conditions
  • Vivid color touch screen that can easily be viewed from across the room
  • Thermoelectric cooling to support low temperature incubation processes
  • Internal power outlet with time-based control options
  • USB and Ethernet data ports
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Specifications for Boekel Scientific Refrigerated Incubator
Outer WxDxH 25.75" x 27.50" x 27.75"
Chamber Capacity 4.0 ft³ - 86 BOD Bottles/2 Shelves Included
Materials Painted Steel Exterior/Thermoformed Plastic Interior/Stainless Steel Shelves
Cooling Method Peltier/Thermoelectric + Fan
Heating Method Dual Resistive + Fan
Control System Standard and Advanced control of temperature and internal outlet. Time based control of setpoints with repeat function. 4-setpoint ramp
Humidity Method Stainless Steel Pan
Alarms User settable high & low / temperature & humidity alarm
Timers User settable wit/without alarm
User Interface 4.3" Color Touch Screen
Temperature Range 4°C - 60°C & 20°C ambient
Accuracy ±0.20°C @ 37°C
Stability ±0.10°C @ 37°C
Data Acquisition Screen Graphing, USB Download, Ethernet Communication
Weight 105 lbs.
Item Product Description Power Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Refrigerated Incubator 115V Each
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Refrigerated Incubator 230V Each
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