Bitumen Crucibles

The CoorsTek Bitumen Crucibles is specifically designed for determining the proportion of bitumen soluble in carbon tetrachloride, but can also be used for determining solubility of asphalt materials in trichloroethylene.

Each crucible has a capacity of 28 mL. The perforated area measures 28 mm diameter with 1 mm perforations. Top outside dimensions are 44 mm dia. x 24 mm high.

Key Features

  • For ASTM methods D4 and D165
  • Glazed inside and out, except for bottom surface and rim
  • For use with 30-33 mm dia. filter paper

Item Capacity Attribute Description ODxH- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
28ml CoorsTek Bitumen Crucibles 44 x 24 mm Each
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