Bio-Pure Reagent Reservoirs

Diversified Biotech Bio-Pure Reagent Reservoirs use a special additive to PET that is safe and biodegradable over time. The 100% eco-friendly reservoirs come packed in recycled cardboard case and biodegradable bags.

A unique trough within a trough reagent recovery system permits small volumes of reagents to be reached by a single channel or all channels for a suitable pipetter. The 25mL reservoir with a divider accommodates eight channel pipets on one side and up to four channel pipets on the opposite side. Controls can also be added within this divider.

Other helpful features include a wide base and stable, reinforced sidewalls that help limit spills. Reagent reservoirs are sterilized by gamma radiation and include 25 , 50 and 100 mL capacities.

The molecular structure of average plastics is very complex and difficult to breakdown. However Bio-Pure Reagent Reservoir is a special additive that helps the biodegrading process by allowing bacteria and other organisms to breakdown the complex chain. This speeds up the process and reduces the time it takes to reduce the resin to its natural components in only a few years, as opposed to 1,000 years or more. Once the molecule is broken down organisms are now able to eat away the material reducing it to its natural ingredients such as water and carbon dioxide. This process takes place naturally and safely without harm to the environment.

Key Features

  • Break down molecular structure of plastics in a speedy fashion with reservoir reagents
  • Reagents use a special additive to PET that is fully biodegradable, with reservoirs coming packed in biodegradable bags, in a recycled cardboard case
  • Reservoir volumes range from 25 mL-100mL
  • A 25 mL divider stores eight channel pipets on one side and four on the other
  • Small volumes of reagents can be reached with a multichannel pipettor

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
100 ml Reservoir Pack of 100
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25 ml Reservoir with divider Pack of 100
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25 ml Reservoir Pack of 100
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50 ml Reservoir Pack of 100
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