Benchtop Organizers & Workstations

Benchtop Organizers & Workstations are made with durability and ease of use in mind. Finger notches allow the user to easily remove supplies from small compartments. Constructed with rigid, lightweight PVC, the organizers and workstations stand up to most laboratory stresses. Thanks to the lightweight design, smaller organizers can be moved around the lab with ease.

The BenchBooster™ includes a built-in wipe dispenser and a logbook holder. It weighs 7 pounds. 17 compartments ensure that supplies are easy to organize.

The BalanceBank™ is specifically designed to hold supplies used during weighing or with a scale balance. Like the BenchBooster™, the BalanceBank™ has a specialized compartment to house a standard size tissue dispenser. It also features a six hole tool holder and 7 different compartments. The unit comes with space for 6x6”, 4x4”, and 3x3” weigh papers/boats.

The MiniBalanceBank™ is designed to hold up to six tools in 4” deep tool holders along the back. Potential uses for the holder include spatulas, pens, and scissors. It also features a wide variety of other compartments for smaller objects. The MiniBalanceBank™ can hold smaller weigh papers and boats (4x4” and under). A built-in tissue dispenser is included.

The pHPerch™ ensures storage safety with a one inch lip on every shelf. This feature also protects the bench and other stored items from leaks and staining. A built in wipe despenser and tool holder is included. The six-hole tool holder holds pipettors, squeeze bottles, probes, etc. Other compartments are ideal for stir bars, calculators, pens, and paper.

Key Features

  • Features finger notches for easier supply removal
  • Made from rigid PVC
  • Smaller organizers are portable and can be easily moved from lab to lab

Item LxDxH- in Name Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
12 x 7 x 12 BalanceBank™ Top Loader Weighing Organizer Each
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24 x 7 x 12 BenchBooster™ Bench Top Personal Workstation and Organizer Each
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12 x 5 x 12 MiniBalanceBank™ Weighing Supplies Organizer Each
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13 x 6 x 12 pHPerch™ pH Meter Supplies Organizer Each
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