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Benchmark SureTherm CO2 Incubators

Cell cultures depend on optimized growth conditions in order to thrive. With precise temperature and CO₂ control, Benchmark SureTherm™ CO2 Incubators provide the perfect environment for cultures. All SureTherm™ Incubators feature a proprietary heat distribution system that combines six-sided heating with a low-speed internal fan. Air is circulated uniformly throughout the chamber without air exchange from the external environment. This results in a controlled, protected environment with minimal temperature fluctuations (within 0.1°C).

Key Features

  • Six-sided heating (ambient+5°C to 60°C) provides precision temperature control
  • Excellent accuracy and recovery with dual beam IR sensor for measuring CO2
  • Heated door and door frame prevents chamber/door condensation
  • Stackable design allows incubators to be conveniently stacked providing increased sample capacity
  • The rounded stainless steel (SS-304) internal chamber provides excellent temperature uniformity and easy cleaning
  • Throughout the incubation, digital microprocessor controls provide constant monitoring over the temperature and CO2 %. In the event of a deviation, an audible alarm alerts the user

Specifications for Benchmark SureTherm CO2 Incubators
  H3565-45 H3565-180
Chamber Volume 45L 180L
Temperature Range: Ambient +5° to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.4°C*
Temperature Increments: 0.1°C
Temperature Stability: 0.1°C
CO₂ Range: 0 to 20%
CO₂ Increment: 0.10%
CO₂ Accuracy: ± 0.1%
Chamber W x D x H 13.2 x 14.2 x 15.4 in 18.7 x 20.8 x 28 in
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Exterior W x D x H 16.5 x 18.3 x 21.8 in 22 x 26.2 x 37.2 in
Weight 77 lbs / 35kg 172lbs / 78kg
Electrical: 120V
Power Consumption: 300W 420W
Warranty: 2 years

Item Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
45L Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
180L Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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