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Beaker & Jar Cleaning Brushes

These Beaker & Jar Cleaning Brushes are incredibly useful for cleaning glassware. Designed to clean beakers, they are also very useful for cleaning various other types of glassware, including jars and flasks. These brushes have great utility and are very economical.

These beaker brushes have very strong and reliable bristles. They are not only strong but also chemical resistant for cleaning any solutions or solvents. The tufted end on certain types is designed to be able to handle any heavy duty cleaning jobs.

The bristles are spirally wound into groves in the wooden handle. This wooden handle can handle any sort of heavy duty cleaning job for every type of brush.

Key Features

  • The beaker cleaning brush has multiple benefits for any glassware need including, jars and beakers.
  • Tough and chemical resistant bristles are reliable.
  • Bristles are securely attached to a wooden handle designed to withstand any job.

Item Bristle Dia- in Bristle L- in Bristle Type Handle Style Length- in Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2.375 6 Natural Black; 4-Row Bristles Wood 16 Each
8 In Stock 8 In Stock
2 3/8-2 3/4 5 White Nylon; Spiral/Tuft End Wood 16 Each
21 In Stock 21 In Stock

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