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Barrier Bottle Industrial Sprayers

This coextruded nylon/polyethylene Qorpak Barrier Bottle Industrial Sprayers reduce the risk of sidewall collapse due to product attack. A nylon inner surface reduces product permeation. The specially manufactured chemically resistant 28-400 polyester/polypropylene sprayer ensures efficient and economical atomization of liquids. It resists compounds formulated from most chemicals including alcohol ethers, ketones, and aqueous solutions of salts, acids, and bases.

The adjustable nozzle permits a versatile spray pattern from a fine mist, coarse spray, or a jet stream. It comes complete with a strainer, stainless steel balls, and springs. The sprayer should not be attached to bottle with product inside during shipping.

Key Features

  • The Qorpak barrier bottle sprayer reduces the risk of sidewall collapse
  • Nylon inner surface reduces product permeation
  • Made of chemically resistant polyester/polypropylene
  • Resists most chemical compounds and offers a versatile spray pattern

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1000mL / 32oz Case of 6
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500mL / 16oz Case of 6
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