Barnstead GenPure Pro

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure Pro water purification system delivers ultrapure 18.2 megohm-cm water with consistent quality. Suitable for the most demanding laboratory applications, this ultrapure water system will deliver water from a small footprint. The GenPure Pro system can be used on a laboratory bench or on a wall. The new flexible dispenser offers maximum freedom while dispensing ultrapure water up to 24 in. (60cm) away from the unit. The GenPure Pro has a leak detection feature, and it is the first system to utilize a new user interface that turns red when there is an error.

Units are available that feature UV-photo-oxidation, an ultrafiltration membrane, and/or TOC monitoring.

All systems include a wall bracket, ultrapure polisher cartridge, sterile 0.2 um filter, pressure regulator, and UV lamp and/or ultrafilter.

Key Features

  • Flexible dispensing
  • Bench-top or wall-mounted
  • 200L/day from pretreated feed water
  • Feed water monitoring on all models (shows error, does not shut off water)
  • Customizable unit options to fit customers application
  • Leak detector standard (shows error, does not shut off water)
  • Volumetric dispensing
  • Easy ordering and easy maintenance
  • UV Intensity monitoring on TOC models

Item Endotoxins- EU/mL TOC Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
- 1-5ppb GenPure Pro UV-TOC Each
Call for Availability In Stock
- 1-5ppb GenPure Pro UV/UF Each
Call for Availability In Stock
<0.001 1-5ppb Genpure Pro UV/UF-TOC Each
Call for Availability In Stock
<0.001 1-5ppb GenPure Pro UV Each
Call for Availability In Stock

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