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Avitrolab® Lexan Autoclavable Boston Round Bottles

The Daigger Avitrolab Lexan Autoclavable Boston Round Bottles are manufactured from Lexan® polycarbonate material, an optically clear material that withstands steam sterilization and most aqueous laboratory solutions. Special attention is paid to ensuring uniform wall thickness during manufacturing, resulting in durability, strength, clarity, and improved heat penetration characteristics.

Beveled edges along bottle side ensure an easy-grip for pouring and molded-in graduations provide a visual reference for liquid level. The neck ring has smooth interior to eliminate fluid entrapment and back-flow contamination.

Bottles are supplied with a liner-free polypropylene 38-430 cap with a molded seal ring that fits tightly against the bottle for a leak-proof fit.

Key Features

  • Lexan® material is optically clear, chemically inert, and autoclavable
  • Uniform wall thickness improves strength, durability and heat penetration
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300mL Pack of 24
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1000mL Pack of 12
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