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Avitrolab® Graduated Disposable Transfer Pipettes

The Daigger Avitrolab Graduated Disposable Transfer Pipettes are unbreakable one-piece plastic pipettes perfect for microbiology, serology, immunology, hematology, and urine analysis. Sterile pipettes are individually wrapped and excellent for tissue culture use.

Graduated Pipettes are accurate to ±10%.

Key Features

  • Unbreakable one-piece plastic pipettes
  • Accurate to ±10%
  • Sterile pipettes are individually wrapped

Item Product Description Capacity Bulb Draw Drops/mL Length- cm Stem Dia- mm Sterile Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Standard 5mL 15.5 No Pack of 500
139 In Stock 139 In Stock
Large Bulb 1mL 5.8mL 3.4 mL 25 15.5 4.6 Yes Case of 4000
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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