Avitrolab® Autoclavable Square Media Bottles

Daigger Avitrolab Autoclavable Square Media Bottles are polycarbonate (PC) and a safer alternative to glass. They are ideal for steam sterilization of all biologicals, liquids, reagents, media, buffers and aqueous solutions. Medical grade, virgin Lexan polycarbonate resin is durable, chemically inert, non-leaching, and optically superior. It is manufactured in a Class 10K clean room in an ISO 9001 compliant facility.

Avitrolab Autoclavable Square Media Bottles withstand repeated autoclaving, and are optimal for all microbial culture media production and preparation of terminally sterile fluids. Bottles are non sterile with standard autoclavable caps engaged in a multi-barrier elastomer packaging.

Key Features

  • Polycarbonate labware is safer than glass
  • It is perfect for steam sterilization of many items
  • These bottles are durable, chemically inert and non-leaching

Item Capacity- mL Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1000 Pack of 12
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250 Pack of 24
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125 Pack of 24
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500 Pack of 12
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