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AND Moisture Analyzers

These AND Moisture Analyzers provide fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and SRA technology. The straight halogen lamp and Secondary Radiation Assist filter offer shorter measurement time because of the fast and uniform heating. There is high repeatability with the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS). This weight sensor offers ultra accurate moisture content determination based on the high precision weighing of even a small sample.

These analyzers provide high moisture content measurement. The MS-70 measures the moisture content to a 0.001% resolution suitable for low moisture content samples as well as the Karl Fischer method. It requires no special knowledge and produces no harmful waste. 

With a large VFD display, the analyzers have a WinCT (Windows Communication Tool) Moisture software application designed to display a graph of moisture content rate change while measuring with a connected PC. Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate comes standard for accuracy checking. Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is a chemical material that has stable moisture content of 15.66% and is best to use as an accuracy check to maintain the reference value of the analyzer,

A temperature calibrator for MS & MX functionality outputs the calibration result in the format that conforms to GLP, GMP and ISO. For the MX-50 and ML-70 models, up to 20 suitable measurement conditions can be stored and recalled with the memory function to save time, and up to 100 pieces of data can be stored and outputted at once (10 / 50 for MF-50 and 5 / 30 for ML-50). 

There are five measurement programs that include standard, automatic, quick, timer and manual mode. In automatic mode the analyzer ends measurement when the moisture content changes at a rate less than the set rate. The quick mode begins heating samples at 200°C for 3 minutes and then is the same as automatic mode. Timer mode continues measurement for a set duration of time.

Measurement, setting value, change in moisture content, action status, data number and other important information are clearly displayed by the analyzer. The unit is ergonomically designed with a pan handle that eliminates burns when moving a hot sample pan in or out of the unit. There is a wing handle for easy opening and closing of the heater cover. The halogen lamp is user replaceable without unit downtime.

The device comes with a five-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Analyzers provide fast and uniform heating.
  • Shorter measurement time.
  • Offers high repeatability.
  • WinCT moisture software displays rate of change.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.

Item Capacity Accuracy Memory programs / Data Resolution Unit of Measure Price Purchase
51 g 0.10/0.02% (over 1g / 5g) 20 sets / 100 total ±1 mg Each
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51 g 0.20 / 0.05% (over 1g / 5g) 10 sets / 50 total ±2 mg Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
51 g 0.5/0.1% (over 1g / 5g) 5 sets / 30 total ±5 mg Each
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